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Doing Business with the 太阳集团城网站

Whether you are a current or prospective Vendor, 太阳集团城网站 desires to make doing business with the district seamless and transparent. Future opportunities will be posted through PlanetBids. For historical procurements and/or contracting relationships, please visit www.boarddocs.com to view public documents related to the acquisition of goods and services.

For information about construction opportunities, contractors, subcontractors, and construction-related consultants, vendors, and equipment providers are encouraged to visit: Facilities Planning and Construction Department.


Thank you for your interest in doing business with the 太阳集团城网站. The district has an Agreement with PlanetBids to announce and process all solicitations released by the Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Department. To register, receive automatic announcements, and to download solicitations from the 太阳集团城网站, at no cost, 请按以下连结: PlanetBids. If there are any technical problems with the PlanetBids website, please contact PlanetBids at (818) 992-1771 between 7am and 5pm Pacific.

For other questions regarding doing business with 太阳集团城网站, please contact Andrea O'Hara (858) 522-5820 aohara@sandi.net.