Instructional Resources and Materials Department


The primary function of the department is to provide access to instructional resources and materials in all formats and in all content areas to students and teachers. We are located at the Instructional Media Center, 2441 Cardinal Lane, San Diego, CA 92123. The Instructional Resources and Materials Department is comprised of the following offices:

858 496-8461

Roxana Garcia, Administrative Aide
858 496-8466


Amal Moros, Instructional Materials Technician 

(858) 496-8465

Yvette Arambula, Instructional Materials Services Clerk
(858) 496-8462


Pauline Lance, Central Office Resource Librarian
858 496-8442

Lauryn Gates, School Library Technician II

858 496-8368

Cataloging and Instructional Materials Reporting Office
Barbara Sanchez, Cataloging Specialist

858 496-8474

Instructional Media Center Libraries

Martha Karanopoulos, Supervising Instructional Materials Specialist
858 496-8439

Martha Aranda, Instructional Materials Clerk