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The San Diego Unified School District supports unique and equitable access for high achieving and underachieving pupils who are identified as Gifted. Our mission is to advance the development of gifted, talented, 和高潜力青年通过机会, student advocacy, 以及示范项目和实践.


The San Diego Unified School District will be resuming GATE assessment and identification beginning in 2022.

The eligible student groups to be assessed during the school year are:

  • 对所有二年级学生进行全面筛查
  • 5th grade students who meet reassessment criteria
  • 5th grade students who are new to the district or have not been assessed

Each school site will coordinate and select administration dates from the available assessment windows (midyear or spring) to complete assessments at their site. More information regarding details of the assessment will be sent to families by the school site coordinator. 
For specific questions regarding your child and their school site, please contact your school site psychologist who is coordinating the assessment. For general information, please see the district website or contact gate@sandi.net


The eligible student groups to be assessed during the SDUSD Summer Experience are: 

  • All current 3rd grade students
  • Current 4th grade students who have not been assessed or are new to the district

The district will coordinate and schedule assessment administration dates during the Summer Experience programs that will be taking place at sites across the district. Students enrolled in Summer Experience will be assessed during the regular program day. Students who are not enrolled in the Summer Experience Program will have the opportunity to register and attend an assessment session. 
More information about the session dates and registration process will be posted on the GATE website and sent to applicable families in the spring. 

目前正在上课的学生 private/charter schools and meet eligibility requirements will have an opportunity to be assessed during the Summer Experience sessions.  Information and registration details will be posted on the district website in the spring.

The Office of Related and Low Incidence Services is responsible for all GATE Testing and Identification. For information about GATE Testing and Identification please see the Parent Letter or GATE Assessment Tab which will be updated in January 2022.

For general information about GATE, please email gate@sandi.net.

GATE Office Update for 2021-2022 - Parent Letter


GATE DAC meeting schedule and overall topics for the 2021-2022 school year.

6:30 pm to 8:00 pm and always on the 2nd Monday of the month.
Oct 11
GATE Education/Parent Support Topic
Nov 8
District Updates
Zoom Link:
Dec 13
GATE Education/Parent Support Topic
Zoom Link:


Jan 10 - Cancelled
District Updates

The GATE DAC Chair is encouraging attendance at the Community Forum for Superintendent Selection


Feb 14
GATE Education/Parent Support Topic
Zoom Link:
Mar 14
District Updates
Zoom Link:
Apr 11
GATE Education/Parent Support Topic
Zoom Link:
May 9
District Updates
Zoom Link:
Jun 13
GATE Education/Parent Support Topic & Board Elections
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