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The 业务部门 of San Diego Unified School District is led by Gary Petill, Interim Chief Operations Officer (COO), and provides services essential to support the mission of educating our students. As a division, we strive to incorporate Core Values into our daily activities and support staff wellness efforts.  The 业务部门 reports to Drew Rowlands, Chief Business Officer and is composed of the following departments:

  • 食物及营养服务 provides healthy and nutritional meals for students.

  • Physical Plant Operations manages maintenance and repair of buildings, grounds and equipment to ensure a safe environment for teaching and learning.  This department includes Maintenance Planning,  维护服务, 托管服务, 景观服务, 环境卫生 & Safety, and 能源/公共事业管理.

  • 警察服务 is a fully accredited police agency employing full-time sworn police officers, 社区服务人员, and a full complement of support staff.

  • 策略性采购及合约 manages contracting for construction, 专业服务, materials, commodities, supplies, equipment and services required to support schools and departments. 基于这些合同, this department authorizes the acquisition of the required goods and services by release of purchase orders; thereby encumbering budgeted funds.



太阳集团,CA 92111

858-627-7218 -手机
Gary Petill
Chief Operations Officer (Interim)

Maria Fambro
保密管理. Asst. II