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Safety Management

Student, staff & visitor safety is the primary concern of the San Diego Unified School District. The District provides a safety program to maintain safe working conditions and equipment at all times; to ensure that hazardous materials are appropriately managed; to comply with standards prescribed by applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, to conduct continuous education and training on safe work practices, and serve as the environmental health & safety contact for school staff, parents and the community.

的环境卫生 & Safety Office (EH&S) is part of Physical Plant Operations (PPO) and utilizes a Zone Management concept under PPO whereby the District is split into four geographical zones. Each zone is assigned a dedicated Safety Compliance Technician as their point of contact for environmental health & safety.

Annual CAL/OSHA Mandated Training (Injury Illness Prevention Program, Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazard Communication & Fire Safety)
All employees are required to have the four above listed trainings annually per CAL/OSHA regulations.


To Report a Environmental Health or Safety Concern

Use the following form and send it to the Environmental Health & Safety Office (EH&S)
EHS Reporting Form

To Report a Serious Injury:
Serious Injury Reporting Flyer
Risk Management http://www.sandi.net/staff/risk-management/risk-management


Injury & 疾病预防计划:

Injury & Illness Prevention Plan - 2021




    Heat Illness & Prevention  

Heat and Illness Prevention Links/Information

SDUSD 预防中暑 Plan

AP 4032 Operation of Schools During Hot Weather (Rev 9-15-15)


Heat Illness Flyer

Sun Safety Flyer

CA Code of Regulations (CCR)Title 8, §3395. 预防中暑

National Weather Service (NOAA) – San Diego County Map

NOAA, National Weather Service Heat Index Chart

Fed OSHA Heat Safety APP for iPhone & Android - This is a handy tool to obtain the heat index either automatically or by manually entering temperature & humidity. It also provides safety tips and other pertinent information.

APCD Air Quality Forecast – San Diego